Saturday, November 24, 2007

CA: Gay Marriage Can Save the Economy

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce asserts "A court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in California would improve the business climate". The article covers a tad about business but mostly discusses the angst of those who wish for gay marriage to be legalized.

Support of marriage rights for gays and lesbians is "consistent with our organization's advocacy of policies that are inclusive and contribute to business' ability to attract and retain a diverse, talented workforce," Steve Falk, the chamber's chief executive, said in a statement this week.

The City has been pro-gay/pro-multiculturalism since the 70s. And yet there's this unspoken assertion adequately "good help" still can't be found.

"Eliminating marriage discrimination in California would send a message that California promotes acceptance and equality, thus enhancing the ability of California businesses to compete nationwide for top talent," said the brief, submitted in September by attorney Jeffrey Webb.

Right. Nothing here about overinflated home prices, the high cost of living, and the exorbitant overtaxations of air, water, funding illegals, high welfare giveouts, and individuality -- it all has to do with "eliminating marriage discrimination".

"Highly sought-after workers in same-sex relationships may now choose to work and live in Massachusetts and Canada where they can legally marry instead of California."

Another "hmmmm". So, those in San Francisco can now have sex with their employees. And, are business owners feeling snubbed because their workers are "choose[ing] to work and live in Massachusetts and Canada where they can legally" [have sex with employees and also] marry those same employees?

Is this what constitutes the "ability of California businesses to compete nationwide for top talent"?

As Cole Porter would chime: Nice work if you can get it.

Remember this: Only Gay Marriage can rescue San Francisco's economy. Stamp it on your forehead. Blazoon your bumpers with it. Send it in an email marked "IMPORTANT. READ NOW". Send scathing letters of interference to Massachusetts and Canadian Newspapers. Tell them they are hurting the San Francisco Economy by their "top talent" and unhealthy competition to attract "good and diverse talent".

The Levi Strauss brief endorsed by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce steers clear of legal precedents on marriage cited in other filings and instead argues that equal rights for employees are good for business.
You might not even wish to know the local "monicker" given to the Levi Strauss Corp during the late 70s and early 80s. Levi Strauss Corp was known locally, not only as the go-to-for-gay issues corporation, but as the biggest "sexual activity" corporation in town. Basically, if you were gay, and you weren't working for Levi Strauss, you obviously weren't having good sex, much less any sex.

We assumed the jeans themselves were running the shop.


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