Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gay Marriage-YES/Fireplaces-NO. More strangeness from Baghdad by the Bay

Yes, I truly did need to read the opinion article authored by Jeff Earl Warren in the San Francisco Chronicle concerning the move to ban the use of Fireplaces. (Even better were the comments after the column.)

The move to ban fireplaces in the SF Bay Area began in the late 80s. And each time, the people raised a holy heat against the idjits proposing this.

But then again, ban fireplaces, and there goes the real estate values on many homes. Let's see.. use gay marriage to "save the economy", choose to murder the unborn, let convicted murderers go free, welcome tons of illegals (thereby increasing the overall carbon footprint according to the Liberal Biblette), but SPARE THE AIR! KEEP THE AIR CLEAN!

And all promoted with a straight face.


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