Friday, November 23, 2007

Egyptian Islamic "extremists" onboard
with "new" jihad manual

On Nov 13th, terrorist leader Sayd Imam - housed in a London jail - came out with a new jihad rules of engagement manual.

Despite various accusations that the manual was written under threat or duress, the Egyptian Islamic extremist group, Jemaa al-Islamiya, is embracing the new manual, hailed as a return to their original doctrine.

"We invite all the jihadis abroad to have no doubt about the new initiative that we are proposing from the jihadi doctrine of Sayd Imam," it said in a statement distributed to Arab media.

"This new jihadi doctrine is one of a number of initiatives that the new group has undertaken to reinstate security and avoid bloodshed in Islamic societies.

"We want to also avoid internal wars and divisions and return to our original doctrine."

Dr. Fadal, a Sayd Imam "aka", has called for an end to militant operations in Arab-Islamic countries and the killing of civilians. This, of course, will severly crimp the current and preferred style of random jihadi suicide bombers that target Muslim innocents.

Writing the manual was the first step, but having it accepted to heart by extremist groups is another. So this is, indeed, good news.... as it will start separating the extremists from the extremists... so to speak.

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