Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chicago Sun-Times reporter calls it as she sees it

A rare bird here... Mary Laney at the Chicago Sun-Times says it all in her column, All the fuss about fired U.S. attorneys is just a partisan ploy.

How long will the corrupt, power-hungry Congress play the media for their agenda, banking on the assumption we are stupid enough to fall for their every manufactured scandal? As Mary tersely points out, this is all about power, votes and 2008. Nothing more. And it's getting highly annoying. Mercy... it's driving me to voluntarily boycott all talking head, commentary programming on TV to keep my blood pressure under control. Worse yet, I'm beginning to understand why most of the world prefers to focus on Anna Nicole, Brittany and Paris Hilton! groan....

It's getting old. It's hurting my ears. It's wasting our tax dollars. This partisan fighting in Washington just has to end. There is business, I presume, to take care of in the halls of Congress. Finding fake issues and feeding them to the news machines is not what we elected our senators and members of Congress to do.
Taking issue with everything the Bush administration attempts to do and labeling it as wrong, illegal, a challenge to our civil rights or overreaching one's authority has become a partisan mantra built on fake issues.


So why all the hoopla over Gonzales firing these U.S. attorneys? Why are some partisans declaring that Gonzales should step down from the post? They know that the attorney general could legally fire all 93 U.S. attorneys. They've seen it happen. They're just counting on you not knowing nor remembering it.

The hoopla isn't about these U.S. attorneys. The flak we're being served on a daily basis simply has to do with politics. It has to do with control. It has to do with winning at all costs. It has to do with 2008 and making certain they win in 2008.

This partisan fighting isn't about getting things done for us, the taxpayers; it's about taking control for themselves, the candidates.

Tell them to forget it.

Tell them to stop the partisan fighting and get some work done.

Your tax dollars are paying for it -- and for them.

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