Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The absurdity of dialogue with terrorists

An Italian journalist freed after being kidnapped by the Taleban in Afghanistan says he saw his captors cut off the head of one of two Afghans with him.


Mr Mastrogiacomo was abducted while trying to interview senior Taleban officials.

I saw him be decapitated... Then they wiped the knife on his clothes

"I'm very happy, I thank you all. I knew you wouldn't abandon me, and that gave me strength and courage," he said on Monday via La Repubblica's online television station.

He said his Afghan driver had been decapitated in front of him by their Taleban guards.

"I saw him being decapitated, it was horrific," he told Italian TG3 television.

"I was shaking. Obviously I thought 'it's my turn now."

Above are excerpts from the BBC news article, Captive speaks of Taleban horror.

And this is the type of humans the Dems believe they can work with diplomatically? I don't know about you all, but I have to wonder from what planet our elected officials in Congress hail.


UPDATE 3/21/07

Alluded to in non-excerpted text above was just how the Italian journalist was released. Turns out The Afghan gov't released some Taliban leaders in exchange for his freedom, something that didn't thrill the Dutch gov't, nor me. While I rejoice in the Italian journalist's life being spared, releasing terrorists in custody is not only counterproductive, but a dangerous precedent.

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