Sunday, March 18, 2007

What is it with Schumer?? What is is with the MSM?

Chuck Schumer has an opinion. Well, that's hardly "headline news".

UPI's "Schumer: Gonzales unlikely to survive" follow up in the WA Times to Schumer's appearance on MTP today splashes the Senator's prediction in their tabloid-style headline as if pearls falling from the sky. Evidently they are party to realizing Chuck's goal that the either the WH or Gonzales will cave to Dem-driven control over public opinion via the press and that "a week from now he is no longer attorney general".

So what is it with Schumer anyway? Famed for leading the charge
against the P&O/Dubai Port merger, Schumer appeared then to have a problem with Arabs involved in anyway whatsoever with our ports business.... even Arabs who, post 911, are proven allies in the financial and intel WOT, and are the quintessential model of a ME country who has embraced the western trade world. By contrast to the streets of Baghdad, Dubai is a thriving hub, peaceful and not living daily with violence from extreme Muslims. You do not see Islamic radicals making a pivotal stand in the UAE because that country will not accept their 3rd world Sharia ways.... period

This week's Schumer beef? He has a problem with the firing of 8 US attorneys because - unlike Bill Clinton/Janey Reno - Bush/Gonzales did not fire these attorneys at the onset of his first or second term. (see transcripts of MTP for Schumer's specific quotes on why Clinton was different and, of course, better)

Make no mistake. Clinton/Reno's firing of all US 93 prosecutors was "political". The 8 prosecutors fired by Gonzales now is political. All US attorneys serve at the pleasure of a sitting President. And when he is no longer pleasured... say bu bye. It's all political. Period.

Is it a scandal because they weren't given reasons and reasonable notice? No. Ask any employer who choses to let an employee pack their desks up that afternoon and clear the building. No scandal. Not illegal. Perhaps done in somewhat poor taste, but hardly something that warrants this Congressional and media who-ha.

Still, Schumer wants Gonzales' head on a platter. He must figure their control over liberal press who will not let go of the non-scandal will pressure the Bush WH into acquiescence. First thought is... what's the matter, has Plame lost it's punch as this week's scandal? The second thought is... is Schumer new here??? This President has never governed by poll numbers. Something few Congress members can fathom.

So Schumer doesn't trust Arabs - even friendly, proven ally Arabs. Could it be he also doesn't like Latino AG's too? Considering this call for Gonzales' head is quite overblown for the "crime", it's hard to take it as anything else.

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