Thursday, March 30, 2006

McKinney swings, officer doesn't duck....

McKinney hits Capitol officer at checkpoint
By Bob Kemper, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

They oughta keep McKinney's and Maxine Waters pix on their wall! Both are radical hot heads... So much for the party of peace and love, eh? You can't blame a guy for doin' his job. If McKinney would wear the ID pin provided for this purpose, it would never have happened. I guess it interferes with her "fashion statement".


The incident occurred when McKinney was entering a House office building on Capitol Hill. She started walking around a metal detector and X-ray machine at one of the building's entrances, as members of Congress are allowed to do, when the officer tried to stop her, congressional and police officials said.

The officer either tapped McKinney on the shoulder or grabbed her arm, they said. McKinney spun around and struck the officer, though there are conflicting reports about whether she slapped him, punched him in the chest or hit him with a cellphone she had in her hand, they said.

Congressional staffers who have worked with McKinney said several factors may have contributed to the officer's failure to recognize McKinney as a member of Congress.

McKinney usually does not wear the special lapel pin given to members of Congress to make them easier to identify, and she apparently was not wearing it Wednesday morning, congressional and police officials said. Kerri Hanley, of the House sergeant-at-arms' office, said members are not required to wear the pin, though most do.



TrekMedic251 said...

So much for the Dems trying to pin the "Emperor" tag on GWB!

It appears they can slap around the plebians without fear of retribution, a trait from the Old World empires, IMN-SHO.

MataHarley said...

Lots of apologies coming from McKinney.... twu wittle, two wait.. LOL

At least the guy wasn't injured. Then she could be facing assault charges instead of embarrassment.

But is sure is insight into her self perception and short temper.