Thursday, March 30, 2006

Passing on info from the Iraq trenches

No need for my words here. Take it from the horse's mouth direct.

[Editor’s note: our contributor LTC Joseph Myers forwards this report from Iraq with the following introduction:

I received this ‘update’ from a friend, written by a great American and Infantry officer, it represents his view of things in Iraq…a personal foxhole snapshot from someone “over there” for ten months. This is not an official report of the Army or the MNF-I, but I thought you might want to post it; it’s a very telling and inspiring story. But just between you and me and the reading audience, the American media is failing the American people—and terribly so. Is it just an accident or partisanship? I suspect books will be written on the coverage of this war as much as its conduct.

Meanwhile the American Army and the rest of our armed forces in this fight is the only thing standing between us and tyranny. One day the American people might understand this, no thanks to the American media of course.]

Read the BLUF report by LTC Myers from the foxhole in it's entirety at link above.

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