Thursday, March 30, 2006

French "wine" about media coverage

French find the villain in protests: The media
By Katrin Bennhold, International Herald Tribune

Too funny... media covered is distorted and "excessive". Gee... where have they been? Do they think the MSM's tunnel vision is only on France and the riots? Evidently...

A week before she embarks on a four- city trip to the United States with the ambition of countering the negative images, [Christine] Lagarde [French trade minister]complained Wednesday that media coverage had been "excessive."

"We're meeting with the French community and with investors and are trying to explain that despite the fact that they see people on the street all the time and nothing else, it's not every day and it's not the whole of France," she told reporters Wednesday.

Defense Minister Michèle Alliot- Marie put it more starkly: "We're not in Baghdad," she said in a statement to the International Herald Tribune.

Now ain't that a hoot. The focus of coverage on the French violence is "excessive", but the violence in Baghdad isn't? LOL

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