Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Day in Canada - Looking Up

John Tabin at American Spectator writes

Today is Election Day in Canada, and all the polls show that change is on the way. The Liberal Party's 12-year reign is finally coming to an end. The Conservatives, led by Stephen Harper, look poised to form the next government.

For North America, it will mean a much friendlier partnership between the U.S. and Canada

Though Harper has made pains to distance himself from the perception of excessive deference to Washington, even writing to the Washington Times to dispute an op-ed characterizing him as "Mr. Bush's new best friend internationally," the fact is that he'll be the most pro-American Canadian Prime Minister in a long time. He may not send Canadian troops to Iraq, but he has praised the U.S. for pursuing democracy there and would stand with the U.S. (and Israel) in international disputes where his predecessors would stand against us. In a dangerous world, the good guys are about to gain another strong leader. And that's bad news for the bad guys.

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