Monday, January 23, 2006

Nuclear Terror / Homeland Security

Former CA Governor Pete Wilson and former NSW premier Bob Carr (Australia) at a forum sponsored by the Australia-America Leadership Dialogue at the University of California:

"In 2001, al-Qaeda chatter tracked by US intelligence was about one of their primary goals and that was to produce what they called an American Hiroshima'," Mr Carr said. "There can be no doubt that if these terrorists got their hands on a nuclear weapon, they would not hesitate to use it."

Mr Wilson said that the "nightmare scenario" of terrorists detonating a nuclear weapon was more than a remote possibility and the US Department of Homeland Security was focused on preventing such an attack.

For the sake of Monday Morning Quarterbacking, I'll go into speculation mode here. Al Gore has purchased an estate in San Francisco. Rumors are swarming of Bill Clinton possibly working for Microsoft in Washington. Makes no sense for AQ to wanna annoy or threaten Japan. Makes sense to me, that Guv Arnold would go into hock in order to rebuild and firmly entrench CA infrastructure. But Europe? Seeing the east coast of the US nuked would please Europe. And Jamie Gorelick's wall is still active. And we still don't know what Sandy Berger stuck in his socks.

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