Monday, June 06, 2005

Illegal votes count in WA State

Wash. Judge Upholds Gubernatorial Vote
By REBECCA COOK, AP Writer via SFGate

The liberal cries of "stolen election" haven't subsided even today when it comes to Bush's first election. Ironic, however, that when an election with a voter spread as large as Bush's in 2004 is considered "close" by the Dems, the parallels aren't valid when it comes to the Washington Governor who sits in office by a mere 129 votes.

Despite the fact that there were 1,678 documented illegal votes in Washington State's gubenatorial election, Dems, with the support of the Superior Court, hold a rigor mortis death grip to their sketchy at best victory.

And why is the election not being rerun? Da judge says because it can not be proved those illegal votes would have gone to the Republican candidate. Interesting assessment, since we all remember those chads they so desperately insisted belonged to Algore back in Florida.

Democratic attorneys said the GOP lacked the clear and convincing proof needed to justify overturning the election. While the Republicans characterized the election problems as "sinister," Democrats described them as innocent mistakes that happen in every county, in every election.

In his ruling, the judge said the GOP failed to make the case for any deliberate, widespread fraud. He agreed that the state's election system is flawed. But he said he was not the proper person to remedy those flaws.

"This court is not in the position to fix the deficiencies in the election process," Bridges said. "However, the voters are in a position to demand of their legislative and executive bodies that remedial measures be taken immediately."

One would think if the votes were cast illegally, they should NOT be counted. Logic dictates that the 1,678 illegal votes should be pulled from the appropriate candidate and the final tallies again re-examined to see who truly is the rightful Governor of Washington. This obvious remedy is in no way contrary to the Judge's determination not to meddle with the election results. He would merely be upholding the law that throws out votes with errors or submitted by those without the right to vote.

What is blatantly obvious is that an illegal vote in Washington State now counts as much as a legal vote, and solidified per judicial ruling. Any party in that state that pulls enough illegal voters to elevate their candidate to office will not be penalized in a Washington court of law. And this fact will do whit to clean up an obviously corrupt system.


TrekMedic251 said...

Oh, boy! Kerry and Kennedy must be dancing a jig right now!

MataHarley said...

Man o man, TrekMed... I coulda gone all night without visualizing Chappaquidick Ted hoppin' up and down! Yik...

But Kerry? I doubt he's dancing. More likely he's wishing this precedent happened before his campaign debacle!