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Another idiot with a computer....

Turning Point On the War?
By Greg Mitchell, E&P Editor

You gotta love America and our capitalistic opportunities. Any idiot with a computer and can make a living here. More and more, it appears the job of choice for those possessing the bare minimal of common sense, and the inability to comprehend the spoken word, is journalism. And with their choice of careers comes no end to the fodder of amusement... and, on occasion, downright annoyance... of their public scribblings.

Case in point today? Mr. Mitchen, Editor of the Editor and Publisher who specializes in covering other publications. He carries one lofty title for one so inept at recent current events, or for historical MSM content for the past few years. For a media watching the media, this is embarrassing.

Then again, the demands on journalists - even those in watchdog journalism - are not so very high. Afterall, put out unproven stories, parrot half truths, falsely accuse anyone you want and there are no repercussions. In America, the press answers to no one except those with enough cash to take them to court.

So what does Greg Mitchell offer us today for comic relief?

This past week, widely scattered newspaper editorialists roused themselves from seeming acceptance of the continuing slaughter in Iraq to voice, for the first time in many cases, outright condemnation of the war.

You're kiddin' me? Well I'll be... I am shocked! Shocked, I say. Shocked and stunned! LOL

Seriously, where has this guy been? The liberal laden MSM editorialists have been outright condemning the war within the first 24 hours of the US Coalition's arrival in Baghdad. Many even before we arrived.

Oh were that but the only glaring idiocy demonstrated. Mitchell continues, pausing only to open his cyber mouth to change cyber feet.

For whatever reason, it's possible that more than a few editorial pages may finally be on the verge of saying "enough is enough." Perhaps they might even catch up with their readers, as the latest Gallup polls find that 57% feel the war is "not worth it," and nearly as many want us to start pulling out troops, not sending more of them.

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but where does Mitchell think the "57%", or anyone else for that matter, get the substance which forms the foundation of their opinions? Need a hint?

From the MSM, of course. Gallop polls merely reflect those media coverage. One might also find a more than coincidental similar percentage when comparing constant anti-war coverage with balanced coverage. It's no secret that most headline informed public merely parrot what the MSM pens. Thereby most polls are nothing more than the image produced by gazing into the MSM looking glass.

But perhaps the most powerful denunciation came from an unlikely source, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. An editorial in that Hearst paper this past Wednesday, just after Memorial Day, really thundered, and deserves reprinting here:

UNLIKELY SOURCE??? LOL!!! Sorry to interrupt...

"President Bush was among the 260,000 graves at Arlington National Cemetery when he said it. But it was clear Monday that the president was referring to the more than 1,650 Americans killed to date in Iraq when he said, 'We must honor them by completing the mission for which they gave their lives; by defeating the terrorists.'

"Bush insists on clinging to the thoroughly discredited notion that there was any connection between the old Iraqi regime -- no matter how lawless and brutal -- and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Mitchell's quotes from the Seattle commentary carry on with the usual suspects... touching on the no WMD mantra, how Bush ignored the int'l community BS, and how many Iraqis have died since they formed their new gov't.

These would be the same Iraqis dying that John "I have a plan" Kerry refused to include during the Presidential campaign, since it would skew the casualty numbers of Americans vs Iraqis. He didn't want to be responsible for showing the American voter that far more Iraqis were dying for the chance of a free Iraq than coalition soldiers.

But I'm not sure what's the most absurd here... the fact that Mr. Mitchell apparently has no clue that Seattle is, and has always been a bastion for the decidely anti-war and extreme left wing activists? Or that he considers the age old lie of Bush linking Saddam to 9:11 still valid, and thereby believes the Seattle anti-war propaganda machine "deserves reprinting here".

Either way, the only constant is that Mitchell is... well... clueless.

But then it's decidedly true that despite the fact someone can hold a high profile job in journalism, they apparently are still unable to comprehend the spoken English language. This constant evocation of Bush's purported "links" between Saddam and 9:11 is testament to how many of those who make a living at "writing" genuinely suffer from a "hearing" problem.

Never once have those who chant this outright lie provided a single quote by the President saying such. That's because this theory was never uttered by Bush.

Truth is that lie was concocted, uttered and perpetuated by other "hearing impaired" MSM journalists themselves, and attributed to the President. That would be, of course, the same editorialists who, per Mitchell, are only today magically "rousing themselves" from "acceptance" of the liberation of Iraq.

Just who does this bozo think he's kidding?

So for the English challenged, I'll KISS. (keep it simple....) What Bush concerned himself was the links between Saddam and his documented history of harboring terrorists. This would include the selectively ignored facts of al Zarqawi's medical care during the Afghanistan war (that would be pre-Iraq), and Saddam's deliberate blind eye while Zarqawi continued to command terrorist attacks from his Baghdad hospital bed.

So boys and girls... review time. Bush said links to execution of 9:11 and Saddam? No.... Bush said links to Saddam and terrorists... YES. Now go out and educate a journalist and make all of our lives simpler, please.

Following the Seattle commentary Mitchell "reprints" was... ta duh.. a POLL! A poll which Mr. Mitchell points out carried weight because 92% of the respondents were agreed that it was "time to begin the careful but quick withdrawal of American forces from Iraq".

Uh... aren't we already doing that? Details, details... Oh. That's right. The Seattle Post-almost-Intelligencer didn't report the latest on the lower troop numbers. Therefore their readers could not possibly be informed. It might also be pointed out that Mitchell also didn't add in troop facts either.

As I said... America. You gotta love it. And it goes to show you that if Mr. Mitchell can have a job in the MSM, anyone can find work in this country.

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