Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Felt: Whence Goeth the Money From the Book?

It's out in the open, Felt's daughter is already negotating terms on the "book".

Oh, I just gotta add to the fun and games on this subject...
You did all know D-Woolsey, pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-cannibis, pro-hating the Boy Scouts of America, pro-anything anti-America IS THE D-REP OF SANTA ROSA?

Just do a dogpile on "Lynne Woolsey" "Santa Rosa". Have fun! I am!

Lynne Woolsey, Dem

Woolsey: "It defies both compassion and common sense for federal agents to prioritize the prosecution of cancer patients at this crucial time in our nation's history. It's hard to understand how the arrest of a sick grandparent is improving our national security," Thompson said. "The current leadership of the House doesn't have a great track record on this issue, but I remain hopeful that it will be given an opportunity for debate and vote."

The Press Democrat, February 16, 2003.
Now, I do know that illegals in Florida contributed their court wins to MALDEF and other "racialist" legal orgs after their win, years ago.

Who "IS" Felt's Daughter, and who does she know in Santa Rosa? Santa Rosa while it has been rapidly growing in population, is still quite a small "town".

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