Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Felt Gate: "I Felt, I Feel"

In a discussion with another, on this subject -- he writes to me, and I respond with my predictions:

Like I say, though, I'm far more hopeful of using this as a way to demean "journalists" and their "professors" and "schools" than I am for the story, now.

I see exactly what you mean. And I think it quite possible this will indeed come about. I haven't been able to trust the MSM for many years; and now.. Just Because a Democrat Traitor and a Democrat Hack say "Felt" is the one, we're all supposed to just "follow"? lol!! This is a hoot, bigtime. :)

Furthermore, imagine how many wanna be journalists and perhaps those of Helen "Inky" Thomas' flavor shall have the newer means of inviegling readership in newer conspiracies surrounding those "hidden" events of Watergate! Now the details of those alleged meetings with Felt, and his concerns at the time may, at LAST STAND ...REVEALED. Sidewing Dems in the press will write odes to Felt -- about how this dear "patriot" can now go with ease to his deathbed". How the Democrats wish... ALL THE ELDERLY HAD SUCH EASE IN THEIR OLD AGE.. meanwhile.. blipping headlines news.. "keep social security as it isss........."). What a great script!, they'll say to each other. We've done it again! Wag the Gate!

Oh! But how it will hurt, yet again, so badly, when the truth is revealed. The left will claim it was Bush's fault that Nixon's ghost was ressurrected... And that is their game plan: Obstructionism. Pure and simple while they all play at Drama Queening wishing they had Angelina Jolie's waistline and Hillary's dexterity with a glass headline: "Poor Brad Pitt, he wants to be a daddy, he'll beg to be a daddy...

Bring the popcorn.

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