Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ya just can't have what you want...

Annan Says Hard for UN to Mount Iraq Peacekeeping
Munich, Germany (Reuters)

Amidst the US Democrats' and worlds' demands that the US coalition forces should be removed from Iraq and replaced by UN forces comes this little ditty of reality... what you want is just plain impossible.

Asked if security operations in Iraq could eventually be transferred to the U.N.'s blue-helmeted peacekeepers, Annan said this posed a "real problem."

"Will the U.N. get the right troops, and the troops they need to go to Iraq to do the right amount of work?" he told a security conference in Munich, Germany.

"You've had a very robust presence. If it is going to be followed by a weak, ill-equipped force, it brings its own problems. But of course if the (Security) Council, in its wisdom, were to decide that we go this route, obviously we would have to consider."

Annan said "lots of countries" had said they would be willing to take part in Iraq peacekeeping if such operations were under a U.N. mandate.

But he stressed that the world body was not now in a position to provide security in Iraq, where it still needed protection for its own staff.

When you get right down to it, none of the EU or UN member states have forces that are as strong, well trained or well-equipped as our forces there now.

But do you think the actualities will silence the demands from the opposition? I'd be surprised if it did. I guarantee we will still have the "put an international face on it" crowd determined to ignore the simple facts. "No body does it better!"

So just what is it that the leftist world community wants truly? Failure in Iraq, of course.

Interesting that those who so love to proclaim themselves keepers of the "common man's" interests think nothing of the price they will force the "common man" in Iraqi to pay if the coalition pulls out before they are able to stand on their own national feet... and all merely so the naysayers can pronounce themselves "right" and Bush wrong.

Despicable... just plain despicable.

Of course, this is a seque into my companion piece here... Everyone's a Critic! When one considers the admitted inability of the UN, NATO and EU to do squat in Iraq, as so bluntly outlined above, this piece is downright laughable.... filled with lots of barbs and spears

Naturally that's not the real headline to this UK Independent nonsense. That too is a bastardly... ooops... dastardly attempt at news.

Pentagon covers up failure to train and recruit local security forces
Police and army numbers falling far short of projections as post-election violence surges and wait for results drags on

My my... they were just having a tough time chosing only one beef for the day, so they incorporated as many as they could in the headline and subheadline.

What we have here is a trio of usual suspects, Andrew Buncombe in Washington, Kim Sengupta in Basra, and Raymond Whitaker in London, getting together to do the stuff usual suspects do ... blast the US, Bush administration and military for something or another.

Of course it always follows that they come to the table empty empty-handed - ready to criticize the cook when they can't even boil water themselves.

I'd love to remind mouthpieces like this group of the obvious - that some of these Iraqi patriots are getting killed in the line of duty almost as fast as they are being trained. Are they including those souls in their precious numbers? Are they looking only at those who are left, and not including those who were trained but died?

The reality is, in the training Iraqi biz, the efforts may often take one step forward, and two steps back at the hands of human cockroaches. But this is never addressed by the anti-crowd.

All in all, putting both articles side by side provides interesting perspectives on those that criticize while fully admitting they haven't got a clue on how to do the job either, don't you think?

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