Sunday, February 13, 2005

MSM pundits still pound the civil war drums

Shi'ite Bloc Wins Iraq Polls,
Sunnis Marginalized

By Mariam Karouny and Alister Bull, Baghdad (Reuters)

These losers with word processors just never give up, do they? Iraqi election results are in, with few surprises.

The Shi'a Islamic bloc, known as the United Iraqi alliance took the largest percentage of votes with 47%, but it still falls short of a majority in the assembly. The Kurds came in strong with 25% and Allawi's secular Shi'a came in with 14%.

So far it looks like a pretty accurate picture of the population, and a healthy balance to start down the road of self-government.

Yet, as the headline screams, these two pundits are more interested in the small representation of the Sunni's... who, BTW, did nothing to reign in the terrorists regime since they benefited mightily from their rule.

It's about time that the small Sunni population lost control over the country. Yet, by all appearances, those they terrorized and dominated do not aim to return the harsh treatment. Instead they seek to bring them into the fold, despite historical tyranny.

Additionally, the two pundits perpetuate the media-concocted "civil war" idea.

That could stoke the insurgency in Iraq which is being fought mainly by Sunni Arab guerrillas who want to drive out U.S.-led troops and overthrow the American-backed government.

What is it with these folks? Are they so danged determined for failure that they'll keep pounding this down the world's throats despite the Iraqis' efforts to quell the violence in their country. It begs one to seriously ask... just who's side are they on, anyway?

And just what stats were they using when they say the "insurgency" is being fought "mainly by Sunni Arab guerrillas"? Did these journalists obtain an unofficial census count of terrorists in the country? Are they so bound and determined to ignore the foreign fighters causing the majority of violence, and led by a Jordanian who's parked his tush in the country since the late 1990's?

Unbelievable the BS that comes from the computers of what is purported to be "journalists" today.

Indeed, they don't even stop at the Sunnis. Instead, they gleefully announce more "tension" with the Kurds.

In another sign of tensions ahead, Kurds in the ethnically mixed city of Kirkuk erupted in celebrations after results showed them well ahead in the provincial vote -- an outcome that will anger Arabs and Turkmen, who also lay claim to the city.

Now I don't know where these reporters dwell, but I can certainly guarantee that no matter where they live, there are majorities and minorities... all who harbor a certain amount of disgruntlement with the going's on in their governments. That, however, does not stop a democracy from functioning, and also does not necessarily lead to civil war.

However, for whatever their reasoning, the media continues to pound the drums of civil war in Iraq. Sometimes I wonder if free speech should have an "idiot and intent" test before being granted.

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