Sunday, February 13, 2005

Kofi Quotables

Annan warns of nuclear 'cascade', calls for help in Darfur
Munich, Germany (AFP)

Oh my... all the right words dripping from the mouth of Kofi Annan on nuclear proliferation and the "non-genocide/crimes against humanity" in Darfur.

Yet his words would be more believeable if the UN historically didn't have the track record it does of all talk, no action. Not to mention the peacekeeping "actions" they have done are fraught with problems and failures.

But I must say, Kofi has some real "quotables" here. On Darfur, he says the following:

"People are dying, every single day, while we fail to protect them. Additional measures are urgently required. Those organizations with real capacity -- and NATO as well as the EU are well represented in this room -- must give serious consideration to what, in practical terms, they can do to help end this tragedy," Annan said.

"Remember this: our current collective shortcomings are measured in lives lost," he added.

Pardon my language but "no shit, Sherlock"! And what would he like NATO and the EU to do? *The* way for them to act must come from the Security Council. But he has deftly averted that by avoiding the word "genocide" in the UN reports.

Here's another gem.

"If perpetrators of mass atrocities are allowed to get away with their crimes, it only emboldens others to do the same," he said.

Mind you, Kofi was again speaking of Darfur. But surely he must realize that statement holds true for any place in the world, and demands to be applied against the Islamic fundamental terrorists determined to create a caliphate. But condemning the terrorists, now with their hands full trying to thwart Iraqi progress towards democracy, would put Kofi on a limb he doesn't want to walk.

Now that Kofi has aired his pleas for help from the int'l community, it will be interesting to see if any of his beloved "tolerant" EU states step up to the plate.

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