Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mata makes prediction in Iran WMD scene

Iran Rejects European Demand on Reactor
By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer

It comes as no surprise that Iran thumbs it's nose during the negotiations over their nuclear programme.

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran rejected a European demand to stop building a heavy water nuclear reactor in return for a light-water reactor Sunday, hardening Iran's position on a key part of its nuclear facilities that critics claim is part of a weapons program.

Iran has given indications in the past that it will insist on keeping its heavy water nuclear reactor, but Sunday's announcement is its clearest statement yet of its nuclear plans. It underscored the unresolved differences between Iranian and European negotiators, who are continuing their talks over Iran's nuclear program even as the United States escalates its criticism of Iran.

I'd like to say no one could fault the administration in staying out of the Iran-Big 3 negotiations. Afterall, we are doing exactly what everyone always says we should do.... talk, talk, talk, negotiate until you've exhausted all avenues, then the Security Council - leaving military action as a last option.

But the world can't wait that long for another fork to stick into the Cowboy President. Instead, more are slowly starting to chastise Bush for *not* getting involved in the Euro-Iran talks prior to the matter being turned over to the Council.

Are their memories so short? This administration didn't engage Arafat either. What Palestine and Iran have in common is a government controlled by fundamental clerics and militants who support jihadists. A government high in disfavor of most Iranians.

But Bush stands firm and remains true to his word. He will not negotiate with terrorists, and will not engage governments run by terrorist regimes. Remember that "... and the governments who harbor them" bit?

The way I see this being played out is the Big Three will ultimately fail since they lack sufficient clout in the world... translate, no economic power to pay bribes and rewards for dismantlement, and no military power to force the issue. Everyone will then whine and blame the hated US for such failure because we were not involved in the negotiations.

Instead we will wait out the Iranian revolution, or the matter's referral to the UN Security Council... which ever comes first.

Oh yes.. one last, almost unthinkable option. Hillary will become US-CEO in 2008, and do all the wrong diplomatic manuevers. And Iran will become a WMD state right under her nose... just as N. Korea did under her husband's.

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