Sunday, February 13, 2005

Examples of "tolerance" overdone

On culture front, we're losing war
BY MARK STEYN. Sun-Times Columnist

I confess, this whole article just gave me a grin. Mr. Steyn has a way with phrasing that's nothing short of politico eye candy!

He specifically plays with three small, seemingly insignificant stories that demonstrate just how many rungs down the ladder of sanity we've fallen in the name of political correctness, and the absurdity of the trend toward a population's dependence upon government handouts.

A waitress in Berlin about to lose unemployment benefits for refusing to try for a "nude model" job, a terrorist supporter released from British jails because they depress him, and a 17 year old RI student's attempt at art all provide the fodder for Mr. Steyn's quick wit and astute observations.

I recommend the read. He's right on the money.

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