Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Libs: Make UP YOUR minds on Race and "Gender", pls?


Shazaam... LOL!

"House Ways and Means chairman Rep. Bill Thomas [R-CA] on Sunday claimed Congress should consider looking at Social Security reforms that would payout future benefits -- on such factors as race and gender!"

Depressed and determined Dems are ready to rip hard, top party sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

"Bush's Republican Party is full of ill-conceived, dangerous ideas about the future of Social Security. But no idea seems more dangerous or patently unfair than linking Social Security benefits to a person's race and gender," blasted one well-placed Dem.

Alia Vibe: Let's take a walk down memory lane here... CA -- Proposition 54 by Ward Connerly. Ward was out to abolish the "race" boxes. CA Lib/Dem Community went into overdrive claiming that Ward was OUT to hurt "races" and harm "women". You see, they explained that race and health were EXPLICITLY LINKED. Therefore, according to their thinking... Ward was out to "kill" minorities. Lib/Dem/Kaiser claimed that different races had different life "issues" and therefore in order to save their lives, make their lives "longer" -- those race boxes were necessary!


And now, the Dems are saying... what? That "race" and "gender" is irrelevant to "lifestyle" "health" "longevity"?

tsk.. tsk.. tsk.

Bill Thomas is merely trying to help the Dems. Isn't he.

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