Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dem Senators spit venom

Democrats Call Rice Liar, Bush Apologist
By ANNE GEARAN, AP Diplomatic Writer

Democrats, in the minority in Congress, often resort to delaying what they cannot defeat.

Byrd, the longest-serving Democratic senator and a student of the Constitution, insisted that his party is merely doing its duty.

"I am particularly dismayed by criticism I have read that Senate Democrats by insisting on having the opportunity to debate this nomination have somehow been engaged in nothing more substantial than petty politics or partisan delaying tactics," Byrd said, his voice rising in anger.

Considering that Condie will be approved with a majority, and that she was exonerated - along with the Bush administration - of all "liar" charges by the bi-partisan 9:11 commissioners, I'm not sure what else to call this BS *except* exactly that which Byrd doth so protest.

It IS petty, partisan and obstructionist. Most of all, it is nothing more than counterproductive. This is nothing more than the usual posturing, and embarrassing behavior which we have come to expect from Senators in blue.

Personally I am hoping some research media types will start dredging up the truths. That those who failed the US citizens for prevention of 9:11 are Congress members themselves. Their halos are way too tarnished for me to stomach this accusatory manure much longer.

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