Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pentagon Explaining Intelligence Group to PR starved Dem Politicos

Pentagon Tries to Explain Secret Group

Headline Bias Alert! lol. "Tries". Hm. I suppose this headline can go either way. In any case, an existing, known group of intel for strategic defense in re WOT had been renamed. Dem Politicos are swooning that they hadn't been "told" and are demanding an "investigation" (read: the charge is more serious than the issue at hand). What do I read between the lines? Dems are angling for committee positions. This "threat" of investigations is their Damocles sword, their hidden ace.

I've seen these types of Dem political "strategy" plays way too many times. The threat continues -- even if an investigation has no grounds whatsoever of being held -- that the Dem Politicos are gonna tell their "big daddy" PR to run with "rumors" against the Republicans, more specifically Donald Rumsfeld.

I hate to say this; but I have to: I knew of this "reorg" in structure. I have no secret access to info; nor no "secret" clearance nor info spotting.

My two cents Hint: Elaine Donnelly has been addressing this issue, peripherally.


Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Calif., urged hearings.

"While I fully support improving the ability of our men and women in the field to get accurate real time intelligence, the creation of this unit raises a number of questions that this committee has a duty to examine," Tauscher said

It's just fine and dandy with Ole' Ellen that men AND WOMEN are deployed in this capacity; but dang-it! She had better have access to everything this group finds out.

Yo, Dems! GOTCHA! :>

This, by DOD, has been a very clear part of the military restructuring but Dems in their desperation are trying to respin the issue, matter by matter. It's called "blocking" our military from winning. Dems prefer, however, that it be called an "investigation". I call what Dems are doing is putting our men and women in military at risk. Anti-US Countries will now be looking very keenly for these "restructured" units. Got that?

And while our enemies are looking for those particular units...

See. Dems hate the military; hate sports too. Ergo, they cannot, ahem, see. But who knows; could it actually be that Ellen is helping the cause by "raising" this issue? Hmmm?

We got elections coming up in Iraq. Enemies were focused on harming Iraqi citizens, and preventing same from voting. Now, perhaps, they'll be looking for these units.

History, however, tells me that Ellen isn't clued in. She fell right into it.

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MataHarley said...

So funny, Alia.

When I heard the rumblings of "hearings! hearings!", all I could think of was...


A "secret" espionage operation will hardly be secret when you let Congress, with their big mouths and constant media posturing, in on the works.

Yep... "need to know basis", and frankly Congress does not need to know! And because they didn't, it was a success.