Sunday, January 23, 2005

Abbas trades role in gov't for cease-fire

Abbas Secures Palestinian Militants' Truce - Israel
Jerusalem (Reuters)

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has secured an agreement with leading Palestinian militant groups for a cease-fire of about a month in the Middle East conflict, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said on Sunday.
Hamas and Islamic Jihad had agreed to the cease-fire in return for a future role in the Palestinian Authority, Mofaz told Israel Radio in an interview.

"As far as we understand, there is an agreement between (Abbas) and the heads of Hamas and Islamic Jihad for a cease-fire for a certain period ... about a month," said Mofaz.

Officials from Abbas's Palestinian Authority and the two militant groups were not immediately available for comment on Mofaz's comments. Abbas has been holding cease-fire talks with militant factions in the Gaza Strip in the last few days.

So it begins. Demonstrating dedication to his campaign promises, Abbas brokers a fragile agreement for a halt to the violence, and the assaults in Gaza have been quieted since the talks between Abbas and his militant factions began.

But it hasn't been the first time such promises have been made. All hinges now on how long militants honor their word, and what Abbas does if Hamas and ilk renege on their agreement of peace.

So the world, along with Israel, embarks on a hope and prayer, tinged with caution.


TrekMedic251 said...

Finally,..the "deeds, not words" I've been striving for!

Keeping my fingers crossed!

MataHarley said...

Fingers crossed... Won't that make it harder to carry stretchers and insert IVs?? LOL

I do have to say that I'm surprised they've toned down the violence. But I don't think Abbas has done much to change their ultimate viewpoint - that being Israel has no right to exist in the region.

Lasting? Only time will tell. But even a few years reprieve from this constant war would be welcomed by oh so many.

TrekMedic251 said...

Hahaha! Not to brag, but a few years back, I started working for an EMS service after being laid off for a few months. The same week I started, I got into a barfight and broke my (R) pinkie and ring finger. I didn't want to call out sick or get saddled with a bad rep, so I wraped the fingers up with medical tape and was STILL able to start IVs (albeit gritting my teeth) for 3 more weeks.