Saturday, January 22, 2005

Laughable media coverage...

Iraq refuses to say if Zarqawi detained
Jerusalem Post

Contrast the above possibility, which we all hope is so, with the bold statement from the Detroit Free Press below.

U.S. in danger of losing the war
Analysis finds troubling trends in Iraq: Rising fatalities, attacks

Ummm... let's see. An avowed rise in terrorist desperation to stop the elections results in more deaths and actions. Yup... the statistics are correct. The analysis, however, leaves much to be desired. Emphasis on the *ANAL* part of analysis, please. Stats the trends... what a bunch of whoohah.

It's a good thing Knight Ridder pundits and associates aren't in control of our military eh?


Dr. Sanity said...

I read that headline this morning and was infuriated. Knight-Ridder "analyzed" this and my thought was exactly like yours--since when have they become military experts? AND it was a headline above the fold. The media coverage of this war is really making me sick.

MataHarley said...

Dr. S!

I enjoyed reading thru your blog scribblings. A lady who speaks her piece eloquently, with historical perspective and gets to the point quickly! A skill I admire, and seem unable to master... alas. Consider yourself bookmarked!

Yup... the MSM's fall from grace this year for bias, and just plain ineffectual commentary, has been amazing to watch. And just as mind blowing, the minimal effect they have truly had on the American voter.

Despite their most devious plots and concerted efforts, they still could not muster up enough pro-Kerry.. or perhaps more accurate, anti-Bush.. voters to catapult him to Commander in Chief.

I can only attribute this to the Info Age and the availability of so many opinions and news outlets on the internet.

BTW... loved your thoughts for Arafat's funeral. LOL