Sunday, January 23, 2005

Democracy is "un-Islamic"

Purported al-Zarqawi tape: Democracy a lie
CNN World News

On an as of yet unverified internet recording posted on websites, Zarqawi again lays out that the right to choose a religion is "against the rule of God." Oh yes... he also felt that perhaps a name change was good for marketing, so he dumped the "Unification and Jihad" title and officially proclaimed his followers "al Qaeda in Iraq".

A rose by any other name.... they still remain human cockroaches.

For an example of a Zarqawi-land theme park, we only have to look at the Taliban's Afghanistan, or even Saddam's Iraq. The Taliban wreaked terror on their citizens daily, putting on public executions and systematically oppressing women. Saddam cut off his citizens from the world with bans on communications, conducted midnight kidnappings, torture and murder of dissenters and families, all the while starving them as he siphoned off Oil for Food funds.

Contrast a similar Iraqi future promised under the Jordanian terrorist with that of the Iraqi interim gov't, who recognizes that Iraq can not be ruled without consensus between it's groups. It is easy to see why the polls consistently show Iraqis, tired of such rule for decades, remain bent on holding their election despite the shower of violence perpetrated on them by the radical minority elements.

Violence, death and oppression are no strangers to Iraqis. But democracy of their own fashion is the composition of their dreams, and they are determined to go for it... even without the help of the world community.

It is a herculean task Zarqawi undertakes - convincing Iraqis and the world that the oppression and poverty under fundamentalist Islamic rule is superior to freedom of choice and a slow, steady emergence from third world economic status.

"Oh, people of Iraq, where is your honor?" he asked. "Have you accepted oppression of the crusader harlots ... and the rejectionist pigs?"

US? Oppression? Get the man a dictionary, please.

Zarqawi makes headway with his propaganda only by the help of media pundits and int'l leaders. They give the terrorist's tyrannical concepts voice and legitimacy by their constant criticism of the US Coalition's presence, the Iraqi Interim Gov'ts efforts, and flouted promises of failure.

I am continually amazed at the dichotomy. As the world screams human rights at every avenue, they remain silent on the obviously despotic visions of jihadists. By their refusal to condemn such forms of rule in the vision of global peace, they have essentially put a stamp of approval on the terrorists' jihad.

Does the EU, UN and world community think it better to allow the Islamic caliphate to come to fruition, and ignore the elimination of human rights it brings? Can they not see the economic ramifications involved, deliberately allowing more of the world to embrace third world living conditions?

They would be wise to watch the progress of the Netherlands, abandoning much of their extreme liberal policies and "tolerance" in self defense, as they battle the slow take over of violent Islamic immigrants within their own borders. It is only a harbinger of what will spread thru the rest of an apathetic Europe if unchecked.

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