Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pelosi warns Petraeus
... doesn't want any good news

Ah yes... another Petraeus visit to Congress. And I guess the funds prohibit another slanderous ad because Pelosi, herself - backed up by Ike Skelton and Howard Berman - called a press conference to lay out the predictable DNC un'welcome mat.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned Army Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker on Thursday not to "put a shine on recent events” in Iraq when they testify before Congress next week.

“I hope we don’t hear any glorification of what happened in Basra,” said Pelosi, referring to a recent military offensive against Shiite militants in the city led by the Iraqi government and supported by U.S. forces.

Although powerful Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr agreed to a ceasefire after six days of fighting, Pelosi wondered why the U.S. was caught off guard by the offensive and questioned how the ceasefire was achieved, saying the terms were "probably dictated from Iran.”

Caught "off guard"??? This woman needs to read something other than Redbook when getting her nails done. Prior to the start of Operation Calvary Charge, the US offered to place Special Forces and air power near the theatre as back up. The Iraqi's politely refused. Tough to offer aid in advance when you're caught off guard, don't you think?

According to even citizen Iraqis, they've known about OCC for months. In fact, word is it was supposed to start a week earlier, but was delayed for Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim's cold feet.

And dictated from Iran? Good god, woman. First you want everyone to "talk" to Iran. And when Maliki does, now you say Iran is "dictating" cease fire terms. Pick a talking point and stay on it, if you can.

Ahmadinejad visited Iran... with barely a welcome wagon. His offers of aid and projects were refused by Iraq. And
to quote Nibras Kazimi of Talisman Gate directly...

"The UIA delegation that visited al-Sadr went public in denouncing any media talk of Iranian intervention in calming down the situation and described such talk as “enemy propaganda”.

What we do have is yet another DNC ploy to use a responsive, anti-free-Iraq media to discredit Petraeus in advance. And this is appalling. Congress should be listening to events from commanders on the ground... not the New York Times.


Mike's America said...

I was watching C-Span this week with a General in some Senate hearing.

The Code Pinkos were there and they just happen (???) to get seats that are always directly in line behind the General wearing their pink foam "PEACE" hats and holding up a peace sign and other banners throughout the time he testified.

Democrats have turned the serious legislative process on this vital national security issue into a freak show circus.

And Pelosi is among the worst of them.

Basra was a success. It proved that Iraq is meeting the benchmarks Pelosi insisted upon.

MataHarley said...

Mike! You're HERE! Like when did you find time to escape the very busy Flopping Aces threads! LOL