Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Media Rants"... in reverse
Journalists' get their own "beef" site

This is a hoot. I have my own category of "Media Rants", so I certainly think it's only fair to allow the accused to rant as well.

And rant they do... on the new site, (Note, I linked to the "show all comments" version, so wait for the load, and start at the bottom to move up from earliest to most recent at the top)

Most common themes I've see so far? Editors, stupid editors, work overload for low pay, unsavvy internet/web presence editors, less jobs available, etal. But the volume of the over 2920 rants there (at the time of this posting, anyway) are perhaps skewed by high school or college writers, and wannabe writers/journalism grads who can't find a job... yada yada yada. So I'm taking a rough guess that most of the McClatchy, NYTs, WaPo and other big news established media types aren't spending their time venting their frustrations.

But then, that's another of the rants - age related. Young ones rail over the "old, over 45" [Mata gasps here....] journalists who get all the big breaks. The older ones spit on the young ones over deplorable language skills.

Some have great sense of humor, others truly embittered for not being able to change the world to their particulars, rake in the cash, get the beats they want.... Actually sounds like a plethora of other careers, all with interchangable complaints.

So here are some notables that caught my eye for your entertainment. Some funny, some quite serious. And oh, BTW... I've done no "spellcheck" corrections. What you see, is what was posted.

Angry Journalist #76: because my job makes the world worse… Thats not what I was aiming for when I started ten year ago..

Angry Journalist #65: Word. Britney Spears is not news.

Angry Journalist #64: Because entertainment is now news.

Angry Journalist #84: I am angry at America. I am angry that we have become so comfortably numb, that we only care about what Britney’s doing, whatever soundbite made on CNN. I hate that we are so introspective, and that our media has become so self-reflective.

The world exists, goddamnit.

The world exists.

Angry Journalist #95: Incorerct speeling and grammer

Angry Journalist #137: I am very upset that I can no longer work while intoxicated.

Angry Journalist #169: I’m angry because my vent just got lost in the thousands of vents here…

Angry Journalist #300: I’m angry because my colleagues are so self-important, they would rather shape the news then report it.

Then, of course, a few of the beefs was about bloggers and plaguarism. As if to make their point, it wasn't long after AngryJournalists was started that an imitator popped up. was started Mar 2, 3008, by Joe Murphy - a web development guy at the Denver post. Oddly enough, he's one of the breed of bloggers-slash-wannabe-online-journalists that makes the "beef" list on AngryJournalists.

Joe's few 88 "happy" writers/posters out there seemingly lends support to the notion that the "if it bleeds, it leads" adage seems to have permeated the bloodstream of our media. They have become, themselves, a group of drama queens, fixated on personal tragedy and injustice.

According to the Breitbart article that brought this "beef" site to the worlds attention, the unusual enterprise was started by a 23 yr old ex-web journalist, Kiyoshi Martinez. He didn't quit the business out of anger, but out of disappointment in his choice, and in the direction of the industry.

Perhaps young Martinez would also like my personal favorite rant by a self-professed "veteran journalist".

Angry Journalist #268: I’m a veteran journalist. I’ve been reading these comments for 10 minutes now and can see one of the major problems in journalism today. If the written comments are nationally reflective….no wonder we’re in trouble. “Wordsmiths” who can’t think of anything better than the F word to describe how they feel, who can’t write grammatical sentences and who can’t spell.

True, a lot of editors are asses, a lot of newspapers are confusing quantity with quality, and a lot of reporters/editors are being asked to do more with less. Do you think other fields — overall — are drastically different? No. Except, perhaps, for the oil field. — Signed: Sad to see what’s happened in 40 years.

I'm with you, #268. The last four decades have produced alot of narcissistic whiners. Wonder why that is......

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Mike's America said...

It's bad enough they can't spell. These pseudo-journalists can't fact check either.

Well, they can, but only if they are reporting on a Republican.