Monday, January 07, 2008

Visit Lt. Col. Caveman for lots of good stuff!

Lt. Col. Cavement over at Ramblings from the Rock has hit multiple home runs in news links and commentary posts today. You need to go visit and catch his provocative dissertations. Below some summaries of great news, flying under the radar of western media fixation on self-absorbed Presidential candidates.

1: Dr. Amin al Haq, Bin Laden's Black Guard security head honcho, evidently fell short of performance on his own security. Unconfirmed reports of his own capture in Lahore, Pakistan. Don't think the Pakistani's have an ACLU complaining about waterboarding...

2: A couple of items on the Iraq front... Sadr trying to create a new party of the disgruntled... and al Sistani telling his flock to "quit'cher fightin' and turn in the bad guys!" Yeah on the second. And hope that's one small party created from the first.

3: Pakistan updates: Baitullah bunch busy executing tribal leaders who won't play nice with him. That'll win some hearts and minds of the denizens...

Also stellar, and I do mean *stellar* reality check on Pakistan's situation by Amir Taheri. I've not held the belief that Pakistan was going to fall easily and willingly to Islamic law. But if you listen to the western media, Pakistan's sinking fast and Musharraf is the new devil himself. Huh? Oh that we must get our information from such clueless hacks in the western media.

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