Saturday, December 29, 2007

Until We Meet Again; See you On the Other Side

As we are about to enter the year 2008, there is so much I recall of 2007 which stands out as newsworthy in my own eyes, apart from news pundits, and those who cite this or that.

For myself, a major breakthrough this year has been the lifting of 3 years of grieving. We moved to NC and three weeks later, a great young man was murdered in Fallujah by IED. This was followed two weeks later by the passing of my stepmother, and then 3 more deaths of loved ones, and the end note by the passing of a great man, a SFFD fireman and Martial Arts Master. Each of these deaths involved a person exhibiting great courage and valor in their lives. Each handled adversity with great strength and grace. Each inspired me to be better, to do better. To recognize the worth of a hero in all matters from the mundane to the fantastic. Each was an angel in my life.

This is breathtaking. Turn on your speakers and be still...

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MataHarley said...

I am speechless at the presentation. They are all truly the best of us.