Friday, December 28, 2007

Pakistan/Benazir/Taliban/AQ analyses
A MUST Read for amateur strategists!

I always wait on pins and needles for American Thinker's Ray Robison to layout some thoughtful and sage analyses. Here, INRE the Global Islamic Jihad Movement (including all factions of Taliban, AQ, etal), plus neatly tied up with Benazir's death and Musharraf's behind the scenes action, is a DO NOT MISS analysis... The War on Terror Comes to Pakistan.

As the world digests the news of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, claims by an alleged al Qaeda spokesman that it is behind the political mass murder cannot be idly dismissed. For the War on Terror has come to Pakistan, and AQ has been losing. Our media have not paid much attention, but you can be certain AQ knows. Whether or not AQ had a hand in the mass murder, it hopes to benefit from it.

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Ray sheds light on how and why the Maulana stands by idly while Musharraf sends his military into SWAT to clean house of the militants... despite the Maulana's own radical beliefs.

And if Ray is, again, proven correct, this is good news indeed.

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