Monday, December 17, 2007

Resistance in Bolivia against Socialism

AmericanThinker's Rick Moran reports:
Four of the richest regions in Bolivia are set to declare their autonomy from the national government of President Evo Morales thanks to a new constitution that would massively increase taxes on the regions in order to pay for social programs:
This is good news, however, it is also worrisome. Evo Morales has made clear and publically, he will use everything possible to squash this movement and its people.


anticap said...

Your ignorance on bolivian politics is almost incredibile, althoug is from california that arrives this post...
In the costitucion there is no reference to an automatic taxes increse on the regions.
And then, is not right an increse on taxes for social program? Look to your terrible president, please and leave the true democratics states far from you....

Alia said...

Anticap, our President Bush is not a racist, your Bolivian Evo Morales, is. And if you believe that Morales' intent to "rob the rich" won't incur tax increases, you haven't much experience whatsoever with American nor "global" socialism. The ones who become enrichened by such social experimentation are those Socialists leading the movement; but never, long-term, the socialists, the poor, the disenfranchised who SUPPORT the Socialist Movement Leaders.

Morales is in bed with Chavez, and you think *I'm* the one who hasn't a clue?

anticap said...

You are simply without shame, Morales racist? What you know of this? Probably you ignore that he is usually appelled as "indio de mierda" (shit indio) in Sucre and Santa cruz.
About Bush, maybe is not technically a racist, but he is a danger for humanity most dangerous of Hitler!!! And in Venezuela, the democracy they have you can dream it...please

Alia said...

Dear anti-cap,

You have been deluded. Furthermore the truth and facts are obviously frightening to you.

Inflation is in double digits in Venezuela. You deny this? The economy in Venezuela is so out of balance, Chavez has lost face in the eyes of the world public.

All the oil he commands cannot buy back the once good reputation Venezuela had among the civil people of the world. Evo Morales will take Bolivia to the same place.

There is no need that I have shame, for I am not ignorant. Even the ignorant should have no shame when presented with facts they didn't know before.

The facts are also available to you. But your fear prevents you from seeking such humble truths.

President Bush is a good man and an excellent leader and our nation will
miss him very much when he exits office.

He reduces poverty not by robbing from the rich to pay for the poor; but by enabling individuals with the tools whereby they can grow their own cajones and their own wealth. He does and never has created poverty pimps. He has no trek with that.

The so-called "dream" you speak of about Venezuela has people in Venezuela applying to EXIT Venezuela in mass numbers, tells more about what is going on in Venezuela, than do you.

It's not a dream you think it is - it is a nightmare.

Robbing from the rich in order to "give to the poor" is hobbling. Evo Morales proposes to do exactly this. People who are poor require an education into HOW to create wealth, on their own. You do not tear down those who know how to create wealth -- as any type of substantive means - to empower the poor. In so doing, you shatter dreams, and knowledge.

For they too, the poor, wish to be wealthy one day as well. Evo, Hugo -- tear down the wealthy while telling the poor they too can be wealthy? The subliminal is -- become wealthy and I will tear you down, steal your wealth, too.

How inspiring is that message? It's not.

How does it teach? It is negative teaching. It teaches people to dream only a little, as long as they do not get "too wealthy". Who defines what is "too wealthy", why, your leader Evo and Hugo. And that definition of "too wealthy" can mean whatever they want it to mean, at any time.

Yours in invoking the "hitler" image is silly. And belittles history of what went on, actually, in Germany many years ago.

The shame is on your head, it should be, but I'm sure you don't see it.

anticap said...

Of course Bush reduced poverty of the poors multinacional oil companies and of their chairmans and managers...and about enabling individuals, you are probably referring to americans veterans of iraki war or to the thousands of civilians deads for this terrible war. I think iraki people (who will survive) will miss him very much...

MataHarley said...


According to a CNN article, Bolivia has a "new constitution". Quote from article here below:

The move also aims to separate the states from Bolivia's new constitution, which calls for, among other things, a heavier taxation on the four regions to help finance more social programs."


"Bolivia is a nation among nations," he [Morales] said Saturday, referring to the diversity of Indian nations whose traditions date back centuries.

"We are not a country of blue-eyed, green-eyed folks only. It's a plurinational country made of dark-skinned and white-skinned. This new constitution will unite us."

Do you know of this "new" Constitution, it's reference to taxes on the 35% of the Bolivian population in the gas rich regions?

Or is CNN - and Morales himself - incorrect in the facts?

I would suggest that, if you are a Bolivian native, you seek out this new Constitution and read it - see if it holds any surprises for you.

When you said "leave the true democratics states far from you..." Just so you know, the United States is not a democracy, but a republic (a good link to explain the difference). Our founding fathers knew that it would be inequitible to the sparse rural populations subject to an omnipotent majority rule all. This would put all of us at the mercy of the every large urban agenda.

As for Bush, history, and a new Iraq - free from Saddam and his brutal regime - will be those to pass judgment. You're certainly welcome to voice your opinion... as long as your "democratic" govt will allow you to do so. But spewing your hatred here for our American President has no impact on what the future will reveal - whether helping Iraq become a free nation and partner in terrorist intel was a wise decision, or not. That chapter has not yet been written, and the media from which you derive your opinions.. yes, and your hatred.. is not the one to write it. However I'm quite sure that a new generation of free Iraqis will be happy to disagree with your opinion of our "cowboy" President.

If you are one of the wealthy in your country, perhaps you feel giving money to the govt for social programs is correct. We've found that it just adds another middle man who siphons off the cash, and a medicre program is born. You would be better to start a private enterprise dedicated to your favorite charity.. to insure more actually get the funds, and not your govt officials lining their pockets. We have that problem here as well.

If you are not one of the wealthy, then perhaps you feel that the only way you can survive is for the wealthy to get you a leg up. That is a different mentality than we have here in the States. Go, and live off your wealthy denizens in peace. We will agree to disagree.

Alia said...

Dear Anticap; in the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.

You seem to trust ONLY what the socialist agitators tell you.

I read what they say, but I also read what those in Iraq, citizens and military alike, have to say.

The corruption, such as Saddam's Oil4Food Programs corrupted not only civil society throughout Europe and the Mideast; but played utter havoc with world and country economies, throughout.

What the US and Coalition Forces have wrought in Afghanistan and Iraq have been, in a word, miraculous.

The only ones complaining are the harpies on the sidelines who like dabbling in dark corners. Where deals are murky, where a dollar is not really a dollar, and a peso can mean whatever a dictator wishes it to mean for his people, while keeping them in the dark as to how poor he is actually making them, while claiming to be his savior.

I much prefer the light.