Monday, December 17, 2007

Drudge Hillary Photo

Matt Drudge has posted this pic of Hillary On The Trail.

Now remember, in the worldview of a Lib-Dem Hillary is absolutely, unfailingly beautiful even if she lies, steals, takes legal or illegal drugs, is a bitch on wheels, is abusive, wishes to take away individual rights....UNLESS... she smokes cigarettes, votes Republican, asserts Conservative principles. When the latter happens, she is then ugly, fat, too white, a lesbian, etc.

No two ways about it; campaigning on any political issue or cause is a rough and demanding go.

But liberals are the ones always so uber focused on someone's "appearance" and DNA make-up.

Just read a thread making comments on her looks in that photo. Egads, almost made me feel sorry for her; wishing she could get a good nap.

Again, liberals always focus on "appearances" and demand investigations based on "appearances". Facts are not necessary nor is evidence. Bloody shame that, eh?

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