Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UN doublespeak on terror/Islam link

"Islam should not be blamed for terrorism," UN conference

The international community should counter the spread of Islamophobia partly due to "misinformation and misperceptions", participants at a UN counter-terrorism conference said.


The emergence of "misguided groups" that have deviated from the straight path to fanaticism, violence and extremism, attributing their acts to Islam, in no way justifies associating this phenomenon with the Islamic faith, they said during the conference titled "Terrorism: Dimensions, Threats and Countermeasures" in Tunis.

"It profits from weak State capacity to maintain law and order," said co-chair and Tunisian Culture and Preservation of Heritage Minister Mohamed El Aziz Ben Achour, during the concluding session on November 17.

"These vulnerable areas are exploited by terrorists to mobilize recruits and justify violence. None of the religions are a cause of political radicalism and extremism. Religious doctrine may be 'tools of mobilization,' rather than a direct cause," he said at the conference which was jointly organized by the UN's Department of Political Affairs and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

Okay. Islam is a tool for mobilization, they say. Then comes da zinger in the last paragraph.

Participants agreed that terrorism flourishes in environments where there is discontent, exclusion, humiliation, poverty, political oppression and human rights abuses, as well as in countries engaged in regional conflicts.

Huh? What's that you say? ... discontent, exclusion, humiliation, poverty, political oppression and human rights abuses. Sounds distinctively like a country under Sharia law to me. How about Afghanistan under the Taliban as an obvious example?

But of course, Islam has nothing to do with Sharia law, according to the UN. Uh huh ...

Feel good, politically correct doublespeak that all means nothing, and bears no resemblence to reality. Thank you for yet another earthshattering factoid, UN folks.

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