Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is San Francisco Sexy Enuff for You?

The highlights from this article in re San Francisco, dateline November 20, 2007.

-- Chris Daly's legislation to bar city managers from having sex with employees got shot down by everyone but Chris Daly.

-- San Francisco approved issuing municipal ID cards to illegal aliens. Sponsored by Tom Ammiano.

-- SF Supervisor Jake McGoldrick has a proposal to charter an amendment to have the mayor, the sheriff, the district attorney, the city attorney and the treasurer elected in even-numbered years. This means a few in office NOW will get ONE extra year in office. McGoldrick asserts "putting those offices in the same election cycle as the president and the governor will bring more voters out, he said. Would this be the Hugo Chavez sleeper campaign?

-- McGoldrick is also for giving 7 directors of the Metro Transportation Agency BofD $1,000 per month with the rule they must each ride the Muni an average of once a month. Yep, they gotta pay people to ride the Muni...

-- McGoldrick also wants to make prostitution a low-priority crime in San Francisco "arguing that the incidence of human trafficking, exploitation of prostitutes and exploitation of minors "approaches zero in cultures where sex work is approved." Additionally he demands that an investigation into how much money law enforcement spends each month enforcing prostitution laws be paid for by taxpayers.

In other action:

-- The board of Supes want to improve accountability in workforce development programs by creating a "new Department of Economic and Workforce Development."

-- Supervisors delayed a vote on a measure that would make it illegal to sleep overnight in city parks.

You can't make this stuff up.

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