Friday, November 16, 2007

Police arrest 3 in scuffle with Berkeley tree-sitters, supporters

From article:

Some protesters disputed the police account and said officers had shown up at a peaceful protest in riot gear.

"We went to deliver sage and tobacco and water to the tree-sitters, because we had heard earlier that (police) were denying them food and water and threatening people helping them with arrest," said a man identifying himself only as Ayr. "We got the stuff up to them and we were doing some chants and songs when one of the tree-sitters came down and started cutting the fence."]

TOBACCO? In Berkeley. For the Tree People? What's up with that?


MataHarley said...

Okay... I can see the time away from California has lessened your ability to think "left". :0)

It's Berkeley, girl... think Humboldt County smoke! LOL T'would be un-PC to say they dropped off water, munchies and a joint in the press. You don't actually think a tree hugger would support Phillip Morris, do you??

Alia said...

lol! Well, in my defense... I DO read the SF Bay Area papers every day. It's gotten to where if the tree-ers were bringing pot, the article would have specifically, succinctly mentioned pot (I mean, "MEDICAL MARIJUANA". end quote). I could only figure, also true to central bay area-itis, the tree-ers were bringing tobacco as part of the Native American ritual of simply spreading it around the trees for "protection" against evil. Otherwise, I think the newspapers would have said "cigarettes, pipe tobacco".

The SF Bay Area newspeak has gotten quite specific about these matters.

But then again, a la back to nature ritual could also grant, the tree-ers brought tobacco to sprinkle. Then, those up the tree would scramble down like squirrels, collect the tobacco for "roll yer own" up in the trees.

Nuts. I think we are both right! :)