Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh Well, no more sex on the sidewalks for you

Y'all will laugh; but Berkeley used to be a dynomite place to be and to go. Some of my fondest memories took place there. Good people, exciting cafts, and it was safe and clean and tidy. Everybody's granny had a small place in Berkeley.

"Cows in Berkeley" was more than a slogan for the milk companies, it was an image of what Berkeley used to be like. I loved it. But I saw how it became as it is now and how it became "unnsafe for children and other healthy organisms".

Anyway.. No more sex on the sidewalks.

Council OKs crackdown for parks, sidewalks

The Berkeley City Council approved a controversial plan Tuesday night to reduce unruly behavior in public places.

The new plan cracks down on yelling, littering, camping, drunkenness, smoking, urinating and sex on sidewalks and in parks.

The initiative, known as the Public Commons for Everyone Initiative, will provide more housing, benefits counseling and public toilets for the hundreds of homeless people in Berkeley. It also beefs up enforcement of laws against lying on the sidewalk and imposes a smoking ban in commercial areas.

It's called, in other words, "improving the economy" and "improving the employment stats".

But I think the "no sex on sidewalks" is really gonna chap someone's crack. Somewhere. Who knows? Maybe there's another economic benefit: Those too zoned out to be considered functional humans will be drafted into the Legalized Sex Workers agenda, eventually.

Will it be covered in some newer "anti-plastic/anti-latex" environmental proposal to be forthcoming in fine, fine print. Clean-em up, and put them in a nice "delicately" (taxpayer funded) lit room. Light some incense, get the middle-man to take the money at the door, and those working stiffs lying in those rooms can become part of the new "economy" and a booming stat on the "un- and "under-employment" roles. Customers are satisfied. No street sweeps against prostitution. And the stiffs are perpetually smiling. The Coyote and Legalized Sex Workers of the World Unions are happy. All Happy workers, indeed.

Good luck, Berkeley. Sincerely. You were once so beautiful and so fine.

Probably those upset most by this move will be the students and the general thugs and laze-abouts -- the old way, they had free entertainment.

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