Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN does Democrat Plants?

Well, yeah. Fred Barnes wonders why Republicans running for POTUS permit themselves to appear on networks more cartoonish than the Cartoon Channel.

But it was chiefly the questions and who asked them that made the debate so appalling. By my recollection, there were no questions on health care, the economy, trade, the S-chip children's health care issue, the "surge" in Iraq, the spending showdown between President Bush and Congress, terrorist surveillance, or the performance of the Democratic Congress..

Instead there were questions - ones moderator Anderson Cooper kept insisting had required a lot of time and effort by the questioners - on the Confederate flag, Mars, Giuliani's rooting for the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, whether Ron Paul might run as an independent for president, and the Bible. The best response to these questions was Romney's refusal to discuss what the Confederate flag represents. Fred Thompson discussed it.

The most excruciating episode occurred when Cooper allowed a retired general in the audience to drone on with special pleading in favor of allowing gays in the military. This was a setup. The general had asked a question by video, then suddenly appeared in the crowd and got the mike. The aim here could only have been to make the Republican candidates, all of whom oppose gays in the military, squirm. As it turned out, they didn't appear to. The general turns out to be a Clinton supporter, by the way.

Oh, and the General declared his royal gayness on CNN on December 11, 2003. And CNN has published stories about General Kerr in 2003. CNN, same channel as, well um, CNN Anderson Cooper, moderating this debate, works for.

NewsBusters reports:

CNN, as part of its Republican debate with YouTube, failed to mention that retired general Keith Kerr, who announced he was gay after his retirement from the Army, is a member of Hillary Clinton’s "LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee." Not only did General Kerr ask the question via a YouTube video, but he was also present in the audience, and got to ask the candidates for a "straight answer" (pardon the pun).

General Kerr’s, whose question came 47 minutes into the 9 pm Eastern hour the debate, is also part of the Servicemembers’ Legal Defense Network's advisory council, an organization "dedicated to ending discrimination against and harassment of military personnel affected by 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and related forms of intolerance"

And then...NewsBusters reports:
Update, 11:40 pm Eastern: At the close of the 10 pm Eastern hour of post-debate coverage, host Anderson Cooper confirmed the tips Bennett received.

COOPER: "Bill Bennett earlier mentioned he was getting some reports from friends of his on the Internet that Brigadier General Keith Kerr, who asked a question about gays in the military during this debate, was on a steering committee for Senator Hillary Clinton. That was something certainly unknown to us, and had we known that, would have been disclosed by us. It turns out we have just looked at it. Apparently, there was a press release from some six months ago. Hillary Clinton's office saying that he had been named to some steering committee. We don't know if he's still on it. We're trying to find out that information. But certainly, had we had that information, we would have acknowledged that in using his question, if we had used it at all.]

There's also some rumble on the Net about a woman in blue dress being allowed to ask a question. She asserted to be a Republican but wished the Pubbies had a John Edwards to vote for among Republicans. Har. She's been located already: a past YouTube. A Dem. A lesbian. A John Edwards supporter.

The Liberal Guerilla Theatre goes LiveTime.

SOoooo... why the "known" theatrics. Who here is the targetted audience? The most obvious answer would be gay (and more than likely Democrat) voters. Okay, I'll accept that on its face.

But rats! Iran's leader has been very specific on his issue on the wrongness of gayness.

And what might Official Iran's predicted responses to this be? Will it have any impact upon ongoing US/Iran dialogues and amid the countries also involved with those dialogues?

Hmm... A Democrat MSM sponsoring a debate for Republican Candidates where classic Democrat "concerns" are asked and with Democrat Supporters popping up asking questions.

And yes, I know what I'm going to write here is a royal upsetter, but I'm picking up this information I read in Scott Lively's "The Pink Swastika" about who were the Brown Shirters. They were military and gay. Now, I know what I'm writing is "over the top" and probably overthinking what many are assured is a just merely and yet another example of "Democrat Bias!" in the MSM, but what has just taken place last night via CNN is really creepy on multiple levels.

It doesn't help the Democrat Candidates, certainly. Hugo Chavez and his little network are probably feeling galvanized for Sunday's vote; like "their side is winning!". But the downside is, in fact, the CNN Debate last night shows what will begin to happen should Democrats win the US POTUS -- all aspects of the media will be controlled by the Democrats -- all except those little "monkeys in the middle" who are tortured alive by idiocies and liberal verbal Torquemada-modern-day techniques. Will debased 3rd world countries take this as their model for live executions mandated to be witnessed by all citizens, as what yet happens in some parts of the world?

Parts of the mid-east, while never condoning homosexuality and still punishing it via executions, do have active homosexual and pedophilic practices among the citizenry. Just imagine should 3rd world leadership military embrace homosexuality and pedophilia?

In a word, they wouldn't.

Let me ask the question again: Who was the receiving target of this new-age communications information missile?

Damned straight this is alarming. Are our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan going to be unfairly made as targets in a newer Jihad "letter to the Fighting Frontlines": "They are all gay: Kill them now!". And then, here at home. Yes, both these questions cause me worry and concern. Will those parts of the US with large concentrations of active and in the open gays suddenly begin experiencing curious deaths surrounding "bodies found"?

Right: This was just a debate and we're reading my hallucinations. In a time of war. A War yet Denied by liberals and Democrats.

Oh, and by the way, the Official U.S. Army has officially communicated that unless Dems sign these bills, layoffs and cutbacks in the Army will begin February. Each branch of the military has a different month to begin the cutbacks and layoffs. Folks working for and with the army will get their notices in December.

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