Thursday, November 15, 2007

Democrats: Still Using Affirmations

During the 80s and early 90s, liberals were doing "positive affirmations". It was a huge cottage industry. You'd visit folks in their cubes or homes and see tapes and books containing "positive affirmations". And from this came the obvious disappointed or cynical bumper sticker: Image Whirrled Peas. I have no doubts of this.

Anyway... Clinton campaign: Hillary would win in a landslide if the election were tomorrow

That's all that headline and text are: more of the same. An "affirmation". It has to do with "active visualization", and there's folks who've been metaphysically taught to tune into such things, and go into Zombie and salivate mode.

I love spotting this kind of stuff. It's fluff. But, OTOH, there's plenty of folks who having invested time and money into the "visualization/affirmation" movement of years past who've acquired an aversion to such manipulations. That's the nifty thing about leftist indoctrinations -- there's a snap point. And once that point has been reached, it works in reverse.

Be Careful, Mark Penn... lol. Be Very Careful. Snap-points can be very deleterious to your candidate.

Wanna know what the simple answer is in response to Mr. Penn? "WRONGO!"


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