Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sanchez assessment: What I said, but this time
by a Pulitzer Prize winner

When Sanchez's tirade came out, and after reading the entire text of the speech, I agreed.

Sanchez said, capsulated, we're in a pickle, it's a war that's not been waged without errors. Also that our biggest obstacle for victory is no unity for success in this country. This includes specific attacks on the media, Congress, the Pentagon and the WH.

And, without naming us directly, we the citizens.

Or, saying it more succinctly at the end of
Danield Henninger's op-ed in the OpinionJournal today...

In sum, what Gen. Sanchez is describing here is a nation that is at risk and is in a state of disunity. Does disunity matter? He is saying that in war, it does.

In politics, a degree of disunity is normal. But in our time, partisan disunity has become the norm. The purpose of politics now is to thwart, to stop.

We may have underestimated how corrosive our disunity has been on the troops in Iraq, and how deeply it has damaged us.

This is hard to argue. Go to any blog thread on the Iraq war, Republican vs Democrat, and you see what Sanchez charged and Henninger illuminates in black and white. We are sniveling and sniping at each other while the enemy sits back, laughs, and waits for us to fold our poker hands and hand them the kitty - victory.

Arguing about the past - of which too few are intel-savvy enough to do so with any dexterity, and are parroting media sound bytes as their education - is worthless. Let the jury of history take care of the past and the "right or wrong" of the decision to enter Iraq.

Our focus should be on the future and our survival.. and that of our grandchildren. And the only way that is possible is to unite behind a strategy for victory, and not failure.

For as the World Islamic Front statement of war in 1998 tells us, redeployment from Iraq will not appease our enemy. Any presence of the US or western infidels (non Muslim) in any Arab land is the reason for war. And we saw this as true on 911.

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