Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ltg. (Ret) Ricardo Sanchez's full text speech

On Oct 12th, Retired LTG Sanchez addressed military reporters and editors at a luncheon. No longer wearing the uniform of a warrior, he could let loose a tirade that has built inside him since his command in Iraq from 2003-2004.

Already the left edits the criticism from the speech, proclaiming headlines of "Sanchez calls war 'a nightmare with no end in sight'. The right is already finding ways to discredit his service. Both sides are already proving his points - that America's failures stem from the inability for all - citizens, Congress, military leaders and interagencies - to unite behind an effort to win... the key words here being "unite" and "win".

He, in fact, did say it was a nightmare with no end. But that is only a small portion of his address, and comes on the heels of blasting the media for rushing to inaccurate judgements, misinforming the public, chastising both Pentagon and military leaders for flawed strategies and not correcting them adequately, blasting Congress for their petty partisan sniping and depriving military of their needs... funding and equipment.
Sanchez says to win, and that we must win, this nation must unite and give it their all. And I fully agree.

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