Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vancouver, WA antiwar types just don't like the idea of victory

The Portland fringe wackos on the other side of the Columbia River just can't handle the idea that Iraq just may actually succeed.

When their Vancouver, WA US Rep, Brian Baird (yes Dem), returned from Iraq this past trip, he had a totally different perspective than what was reflected by his constant "no" votes for supporting Iraq.

Baird said earlier Monday that he based his decision on private discussions with Iraqi, Iranian and Jordanian leaders and on two observations that he said had been infrequently debated: The chance of regional chaos, should neighboring nations' troops be drawn into the conflict, and the notion that talk of a U.S. pullout has Iraqi political players "retrenching" to maintain their power rather than seeking the common ground that would be needed for a stable government.

No shit, Sherlock. The more Congress, the media and anti war types scream about leaving, and insist that their view are the majority opinions (based on polls sampling 1000 at a time....) - the more the Iraqi pols figure they'd better cover their proverbial butts and begin picking sides for when the US deserts them to the radical terrorists. Not much incentive to create a government if they know the bad guys will be coming in, gunning for those that didn't aid a radical Islam takeover of the country.

But of course, this debate is "healthy" and not "un-American" per the nay sayers. Per the liberal handbook, actively thwarting our military's progress and goals is quintessential American patriotism .... even tho the results of their chest thumping and foot stomping is documented as reflecting otherwise.

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