Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another BS headline from MSM

Unbelievable what the "Bush hating" press will stoop to at every opportunity.....

To: letters@time.com
Subject: Your sensational, misleading headlines

"Bush Motorcade Kills Cop", August 27th, 2007

Not only is this headline an embarrassment to the basics of Journalism 101, it is fraught with bias... if not pure fabrication of fact.

And unbelievably irresponsible, too. As the self-proclaimed 4th branch of power, do you not realize you are responsible for the education of the nation's citizenry? Are you clueless to the fact that all too many busy voters read nothing but headlines, and thus are very ill-informed because of tasteless tactics with tabloid style sensational headlines by you and other major media?

The officer had a very unfortunate, one vehicle involved motorcycle accident. And as a rider myself, that will be hard enough for any family and friends to accept. However, contrary to your bold faced lie of a headline, the "Bush Motorcade" did NOT kill the officer. And frankly, it's appalling, deceitful, and scum-ball low to imply so merely to grab attention.

Subscribe to Times? At this point, the only reason I'll even *read* another article written by any of your staff is to see if you decided to hire a journalist with ethics.

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