Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Commuting sentences for terrorists

Dastardly... just dastardly. That Bush... letting his "bud" off the hook for jail time by commuting Scooter's sentence. What's next? Commuting or pardons for terrorists?
Nope... that's the Clinton's job. August, 1999. Commuted sentences for "16 members of FALN, the Puerto Rican terror group behind some 130 bombings, including one that killed four people at New York's Fraunces Tavern in 1975. ".
The House did one of their infamous non-binding resolutions votes, passing 311 to 41 condemning the Presidential action. And where was our now esteemed Speaker Pelosi? Ooops... too late to vote "no" condemnation with her 41 Dem pals because she showed up late for work.
Thanks to Opinion Journals Best of the Web for this stroll thru history. Read in entirety, including Ms. Pelosi's comments INRE the 1999 commuted sentences by Clinton with her statements on Scooter's commute today.
And oh yes... right, Hillary. Clinton pardons/commutes were "simply routine". The kind of routine that helped prove to terrorists that the US under Clinton was a nation of wussy leaders who cow towed to terrorism, and the kind of routine we can no longer afford.

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