Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The car bomb you are calling....

As Monty Python loved to say, "and now for something competely different...". Richard Littlejohn's Brit view of the "yuppie terrorists", as Larry Johnson likes to call them, is just priceless! I mean, ROTFLMAO PRICELESS!

Difficult to know whether to laugh or scream after the weekend of madness we've just been through. And it's not over yet, with the security level raised to 'critical' and another terrorist attack imminent.

So let's get the laughter out of the way first, something which wouldn't have been possible had the bombers succeeded and hundreds of innocent people been killed or maimed.

Mistake One as far as the jihadists were concerned was trying to set off car bombs in the West End of London. The chances of either vehicle staying put for long enough to detonate were always going to be negligible. In Westminster, you can get ticketed at traffic lights. One of them was towedaway because it was parked on a double yellow. The second was spotted by two alert paramedics attending to a paralytic drunk, a routine casualty of another quiet night under Labour's rock-around-the-clock drinking regime.

We've only seen pictures of one side of the green Mercedes in the Haymarket. From a different angle, it too may well have been clamped, awaiting the removal truck.

Then there was the folly of relying on mobile phones to spark the explosion. Apparently they made at least two failed calls. What did they expect? Have you ever tried to get a signal in Piccadilly at chucking out time?

"The car bomb you are calling may be switched off. Please try later."

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