Sunday, March 04, 2007

More "Blame Bush" from Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi lays the Walter Reed scandal at Bush's feet calling it part of a "pattern of neglect" by the WH admin.

Linking it with FEMA failures in the catastrophic Katrina aftermath, and lack of health care for 1st responders, Pelosi apparently forgets that she/Congress are the architects of the specifics of failed gov't entities, including the historically feeble FEMA. The blame of failed Pentagon and military programs - a Pentagon this WH largely inherited from previous administrations - does not rest solely the shoulders of a sitting President. Where was their oversight in the past decades? Do they think this building and it's condition happened only in the last 5 years?

While Bush is as surprised and appalled as the rest of us at "bldg 18", and has ordered condition inspections of other facilities to make sure this is not happening elsewhere, Ms. Pelosi instead concentrates on scoring political points in her "Hate Bush" campaign. She would be far more effective going back to Congress and reviewing the purse strings and structure of these top heavy bureaucratic programs they themselves create and oversee.


TrekMedic251 said...

Dana Priest and the WaPo got exactly what they wanted from the Walter Reed story: Bush's admin looks bad (again) and more of his people resign in shame.

Disgusting,...absolutely disgusting!

BTW - If you didn't here Hannity today, a vet's father called saying the whole incident is based on a few disgruntled families and only a few rooms in Building 18.

Hmmm,...wonder if Dana's going to do a follow up on that angle? Or for that matter, will ANYBODY else follow up on it?

Alia said...

The great irony? The new hospital for military has been underway for quite some time.

Dems have pulled a cheap shot at firing away at Walter Reed officials.

The funds went into building that newer hospital sooner -- instead of using the funds to rebuild portions of Walter Reed -- which would have been wasted money, given that Walter Reed will be razed once the new hospital is in place.

The Dems know this. Repubs do too. And dollars to donuts, the new hospital is going to now get built even sooner.

TrekMedic251 said...

Put as few things together here:

Walter Reed is being BRAC'd, soon - they can't recruit any long-term professionals anymore and people are leaving in droves.

HR 76 cut Reed's funding right before Bldg 18 went operational.

This was a headache waiting to happen.