Monday, March 05, 2007

Having a bad day? Think again...

I like to keep up on Iraqi blogs. We coddled American types have known no such stress in our daily lives - that is, until 911 and the towers. But as no repeats to date have occurred, all too many of us have quietly put aside the memories of that morning. Indeed, such cries of dismay and "foul" arise if anyone dares evokes the graphic images - nae, even just the mere mention of 911 anymore. "Too soon!" we say.


Personally I have no concept of what life is like in the Middle East... Iraq to Israel, Palestine to Saudi Arabia, just stepping out your door is more akin to living in the middle of a gang-controlled LA neighborhood. The dance between a semblance of normal life and weaving your way thru throngs of people who are possible suicide bombers, sectarian militia, or part of a corrupt gov't must be a fragile two-step indeed.

I can only say this to Iraqis, or any Middle Eastern denizen desireous of change in their gov'ts. Most of us here don't want to be in your country. We do, however, want you to have the chance to nurture your own form of government, sans a 3rd world dictator. The end goal is for a Middle East that is not our reflection, but a unified country that engages with the rest of the world in trade and sharing intel from those who are our shared enemies - those who murder their own to achieve their extreme caliphate state.

Another tidbit to impart? Do not set unreasonable goals of expectation. Corruption in govt? After almost 2.5 centuries, we and the rest of the western world also have more than our fair share of pond scum in positions of power in elected or appointed positions. And for those in our Congress, without term limits, they just don't go away easily or quietly.

For a wide variety of Iraqi perspectives, regularly visit the three blogs below. They also provide links to others - some with extreme hatred for the US, and others with a more analytic POV. The more you read, the more you will find a country that is as diverse - and yes, divided - as our own. But the difference now is, they can speak their minds more safely. The goal of freedom is not a homogenous society, but one that learns to resolve their differences peacefully.

So go for it, Iraqis. Get your act together, and we'll be overjoyed to come home and leave you to your own internal skirmishes.

Iraq the Model, by Omar and Mohammed

Iraqi Mojo, by Iraqi American

Healing Iraq, by Zeyad

Warning... these blogs draw out some posters that elevate your blood level. It's easy to get drawn into the "hate".

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