Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Media skewing news, & skewing public opinion

Alan Dowd's "Blaming the Messenger" column in FrontPage today says it all for me. A veritable check list of perpetuated media lies, misrepresentations, and half truths on Iraq issues from "there were no WMD's" to the daily bombardment of bomb stories - and how the constant drumbeat of bad news controls public opinion on the war.

All resources he used to compile this truth vs reporting check list are provided at the bottom. And it's one impressive "must read" from beginning to end.


In the meantime, those wacky Vermont State legislators in Leahy'land obviously have been eating up all these media lies. Apparently they've concocted some resolution in the VT General Assembly that proposes impeaching Bush. And more than two dozen towns in the state have their own versions that, if implemented, would impeach everyone and install Ms. Pelosi as our CIC.

Deborah Bucknam, an attorney in Walden, spent 15 hours researching their allegations, and has declared: "Every single one of the "facts" upon which the resolutions are based is false and misleading." Yup... sound like they used the media printed reports as their fact-finding Bible to construct their resolution.

Ms. Bucknam's final paragraph in her Burlington Free Press guest op-ed (linked above) pulls no punches on what the VT'ers are attempting to do.

Thus Vermont Democrats and Progressives are supporting a resolution to overturn a duly elect national government based on allegations that constitute a sham. Vermont Democrats and Progressives have constructed a mythology to support their hatred for their political opponent, President Bush, and are seeking to overturn the will of the electorate based on that mythology. They should all be held to account for this extraordinary assault on our democratic institutions.

Good to hear at least least one sane voice from that state. I was beginning to worry what was in the maple syrup!


TrekMedic251 said...

Rick Kaplan, who's been in the Clintons' pocket for years, just took over the $15M debacle we call the SeeBS Nightly News.

Will CBS now mean "Clintons' Broadcasting Spin?"

MataHarley said...

Wasn't it always, TrekMed? Never thought it meant "Conservative Broadcasting Service". LOL