Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beginnings of a new cold war in America?

I'm still laughing from reading R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s column today: Picture This. Mr. Tyrrell is such a dickens!

He is writing about the heavy-fisted Clintons and their control-freakism, adding yet another attribute -- their grudge-holding.

All he wanted was permission to use a pic of former President Bill Clinton and himself for use as a cover for Mr. Tyrrell's new and upcoming book!

The photo he'd like to use (and was told a big fat "no"), is at American Spectator. Now, I ask you... lol, who was the photographer and did he use photoshop?

I thought this would be a winning picture to print on the jacket of a book I was just finishing on Clinton's adventures in retirement, rather provocatively titled, The Clinton Crack-Up. Clinton has energetically traveled the world, speaking, making public appearances, and hauling in mounds of money. How better to illustrate the universality of his exertions than to show him partying with me? As my date of publication grew nigh (the book will be out March 20), I grew apprehensive, for neither the photographer nor Clinton's office responded to our request to use the picture. My publisher was willing to pay a reasonable fee to brighten up the book's dust jacket.

Then at the very last minute and at considerable inconvenience to us came the reply. The photographer wrote that Clinton's office was rejecting us. Why on earth would Clinton be so rude? Admittedly he looked a little pallid in the photograph, but he has looked pallid through much of his retirement. He is a night owl and rarely sleeps very well when he does go to bed. But in the photograph he looked happy. He had a cheerful smile. Perhaps he wants to save the picture of us for a special place at the Clinton Library, but that would not preclude allowing the picture to grace my book.

Here is but another example of the Clintons' making a ham-fisted response when gallantry would have served them well

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Alia said...

Yes, Bob -- Hillary is cracking up.