Thursday, March 15, 2007

Assoc Press... new PR vehicle for Valerie Plame?

Mercy... never read such a bunk of BS amassed in one spot save in Hollywood press releases and movie trailers.

And indeed, AP writer Darlene Superville's
article, "Plame to tell her story before Congress" reads more like a press release than the political "news" it claims to be. Her repackaging of "old news" is of one who seemingly desires to be a screenplay writer and not an AP journalist.

WASHINGTON — Valerie Plame's life changed the day her name appeared in a newspaper column, her job as a CIA officer exposed in black and white.

She goes before a House committee Friday as both a shadowy figure and a celebrity, with lucrative book and movie deals in the works, a magazine cover in her past and her unceremonious unmasking four years ago the subject of persistent intrigue.

Now she is lifting the veil by her own hand, and to maximum effect.

OMG.. the melodrama oozing from Superville's sappy, sad tale portrayal, cautiously dodging all facts related to the combined Wilson lies. Ahhhh... but the "poor victim me" schtick slithers on.

"Valerie wishes none of this ever happened," said Melanie Sloan, an attorney who represents Plame in the lawsuit and who directs the liberal watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. "She had the life she wanted. She had the job she wanted."

Plame says she was outed to retaliate for an opinion piece Wilson wrote for The New York Times in July 2003. In it, Wilson said he had investigated claims that Niger was selling yellowcake uranium to Iraq and had found them to be without merit. Wilson also accused the Bush administration of distorting the intelligence it used as the basis for the Iraq war.

Days later, Plame's double life was secret no more, revealed in a piece by syndicated columnist Robert Novak in which he wrote that two administration officials had named her.

Last week, a federal investigation into the leak ended in guilty verdicts for Libby for lying and obstruction of justice. He was the only administration official to face criminal charges in the case.

Feel free to interject facts anywhere in here, Ms. Superville. Like, for instance, there was no crime to charge perhaps? And perhaps that Joe's claims of Niger yellowcake were not only proven wrong, but his own account actually substantiated the belief that Saddam was attempting to acquire the yellowcake?

Oh yes, let's not forget that pesky Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on that yellowcake issue that pretty much proved Wilson was a lying fool. But perhaps Ms. Superville was still graduating from journalism school in that year and is unaware. Can't tell. Obviously researching facts takes a supporting role to bleeding heart prose. So I'm quite sure that Hollywood has a place for her talents.

Then, of course, Ms. Superville prefers not discuss the Plame/Wilson lies about who sent Joe on the Niger trip to begin with. Think any of that that will be in Ms. Plame's Congressional "tell all"?

Ms. Superville casually mentions that the Wilsons were spotted having lunch with Morgan Fairchild at the Four Seasons in the past month. Any bets that Valerie's coaxing her to take the lead role in the upcoming Plame movie? ad nauseum... Maybe there's a place for you on Entertainment Tonight, Ms. Superville. Well honed paparazzi skills there.

Yes, as the headline says... Ms. Plame will be again "telling her story", milking it for as much as possible, in front of Congress. I, for one, just have to catch the moment when she decides to swear, under oath, to tell the truth. Right.... that'll be a novelty. But I certainly hope that Hollywood fame will somehow replace that "life and job she wanted". But I have to admit, the excitement of CIA desk job is a hard act to follow. zzzzzzz

And perhaps Ms. Superville is seeking a new position for herself as PR-in-chief for the new, upcoming "movie star" Plame. If it's offered, *please* take it! This crap passed off as news is a joke.

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Mata,..don't you know by now:

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